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DAVID M. ROER P.C. represents individuals accused of, or charged with all kinds of sex offenses including child pornography. Most people charged with possession of child porn have never encountered law enforcement or the criminal law system before. Suddenly, serious charges and an overwhelming criminal justice system can leave you uncertain about your future. The criminal attorneys at ROERLAW understand how terrifying this can be and can help by explaining everything to their clients in a professional and confidential manner. When facing serious charges such as sexual exploitation of a minor or child pornography it is essential that a person have a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer on their side.

Contact our child pornography defense lawyers for experienced and aggressive representation in Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, and all of Arizona and Maricopa County.

Child Pornography Detection

The abundance of junk mail, viruses, computer hacking, and other computer concerns can make child pornography charges very frightening. Child porn sent via junk mail may have been deleted. However, even deleted files and pictures are encrypted into your hard drive. You can be held responsible for any evidence of child pornography even if you never viewed it, such as:

  • Evidence that someone viewed pictures of child porn, even for a moment
  • Evidence of child pornography websites on a computer
  • Files of child pornography that have been saved or even deleted
  • Evidence of statements that are made in chat rooms
  • Files with child pornography that are put on a computer from shared files, poor firewalls, or other means

What if there may be evidence on my computer?

Even if you have deleted incriminating files from your computer, experts for the prosecution may retrieve them. It is best to have our criminal defense investigator take a look at your computer. Our investigator's investigation is confidential. Arizona's laws for child pornography are some of the most archaic in the world. A person is facing a prison sentence of 10 years for each image found in their possession, or on their computer. The law in Arizona for child pornography punishes the person that looks at a picture on the internet the same as the person that put the image on the internet.

You can be held responsible for anything you accessed OR that was accessed on your computer by somebody else. Therefore, it is imperative to have a criminal defense lawyer with experience defending clients charged with sex crimes such as child pornography or as the law states sexual exploitation of a minor. At ROERLAW we offer a professional team of child pornography defense lawyers who understand the high level of forensic investigation and independent experts that are necessary to prove your innocence. We work to uncover evidence that the files came from junk mail or shared internet files that you had no control over or came from someone else accessing your computer.

What if I think I'm being set up by the cops in a chat room?

Stop chatting, change your user name, change your e-mail address, and bring your hard drive to our offices so we can have our criminal defense investigators examine it. We can have our investigators take a look at the computer and advise you how to proceed. As we have all seen on television the police enjoy entrapping people on the internet and then humiliating them when the police suggest a meeting. The Maricopa and Pinal County Attorney's Offices charge people Luring crime or attempted Luring crime after the local police have entrapped them. It takes an experienced and aggressive criminal attorney to turn the tables and humiliate the government for wasting tax payers' money. The luring defense lawyers at ROERLAW can help a person defend themselves against the long arm of the government.

As experienced sex crimes defense attorneys, we understand how terrifying and overwhelming it can be to endure child pornography charges.

Contact us for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced and aggressive child pornography defense lawyer. In Arizona, these offenses are known as dangerous crimes against children, and can be extremely difficult to defend. Contact our Chandler, Arizona offices immediately.


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